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There are many benefits to having your own daily meditation practice, especially if you have stress in your life. In these modern times and with all of what goes on in the world both positive and negative, the practice of daily meditation is of great value more than ever. Our minds can help us deal with difficult times and stressful situations. But our minds can also become our enemy by proliferating our negative thoughts and negative reactions.

Because of the mind-body connection, daily meditation can offer both physical as well as mental health benefits. In terms of physical benefits, meditation can help in lowering our blood pressure, boosting our immune system, as well as decreasing the instances of pain due to tension. Other physiological benefits include the increase in seratonin production in the brain that leads to more positive moods. Your body will love you for meditating on a regular basis.

The mental benefits offered by a daily meditation practice include a more stable emotional state, an increase in the feeling of internal peace, an increase in overall happiness as well as a sharper mind and an increase in overall creativity.

Stressful situations can be managed more easily and with less difficulty if we are relaxed and if we have a healthy perspective. Our minds can get in our way and can easily exacerbate a situation by making us react with fear and apprehension. Having a daily meditation practice can help in centering us when challenged by life.

A daily meditation regime does not have to take a long time. The most difficult part is trying to find a quiet place and time in your home. Sometimes 5 minutes it’s all you need for meditation.

Below is a great breathing meditation from Gaiam.Com. Enjoy!

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Breathing Meditation for Patience

“Spring tests my patience. Every single year. Especially here in Colorado, as the weather whips back and forth between snow and sun, and as calm mornings give way to blustery afternoons, my patience is tried every spring. Learn how to meditate for patience this season. ”


Enjoy this beautiful 10 minute meditation below: