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Mushrooms lovers are few and far between, but those who love them really love them. They can really make your stir fry taste great, but did you know that mushrooms have cancer fighting capabilities? And that is not the only benefit these little morsels offer. Below is a great article on the plethora of health benefits both Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms bring to the table.

Cancer Fighting Mushrooms that Also Combat Heart Disease and Diabetes

Maitake and shiitake mushrooms look like a good addition to stir fries, but they are packed with nutrients that reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, fight cancer cells and strengthen the immune system. These mushrooms prove their health benefits over and over again – so how can they help you too?” Read more..


There is something to be said when the reputation of a nutrient or food goes back for a thousand years. Both Shitake and Maitake mushrooms have been consumed in Japan for a long time. And as you can ses from the article, many studies have been done on both of these mushrooms’ ability to improve the immune system.

The other benefits include decreasing cholesterol, provides dietary fiber, and acts as an anti viral with bacterial or viral infections such as the flu.

We actually recommend that you ingest mushrooms daily in any of your meals to boost your immune system. The best way to do it is simply to add them to your salad or with your steamed veggies.

Enjoy the video below on a great way to cook Shiitake mushrooms!