My First Juicer

So I finally acquired a juicer and I absolutely LOVE IT! After much research along with a desire to be more healthy in general, there is now a beautiful new juicing machine in the kitchen counter. The first juice I made was a combination of grapefruits, carrots, beets, and ginger. It was absolutely delicious and also, incredibly nutritious. After that first glass, I knew that the juicing machine was a great investment.

Juicing Neophytes Listen Up

We do recommend you do some research before you purchase your first juicing machine. Of course, you can go as deep as you want with the research. This is what I decided to do. I went to Amazon and did a search on juicers. If you look at their best sellers, the two top brands for best-selling juicers are Breville, Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach, Omega and Cuisinart. I decided to go with an entrance-level centrifugal juicer. There are two types of juicers; masticating and centrifugal. You can certainly look into the pros and cons of the two types by asking the great Google oracle.


Since I am virtually a juicing neophyte, I went with the cheaper centrifugal type. The one I picked was the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain pictured below:

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Extractor

It had over 4,023 reviews with a total review rating of 4.5 stars. My opinion of it; it is bad ass!! It consists of a 700 watt electric motor that turns at 14,000 RPM’s. It is the perfect size, easy to clean, and fast. It is a great deal at $99.95 and you can start juicing right away out of the box. The instructions come with some juicing recipes but I decided to add to my order, the Big Book of Juices the paperback version. It has over 400 recipes for juicing and making smoothies. Before you buy the Breville BJE200XL juicer, make sure to read the reviews on the product page at Amazon!

What are the Benefits of Juicing?

My mother in law said that she got rid of her juicer because she would rather “eat her food”. While I respect her position, the purpose of juicing is not to replace food with juices. Drinking extracted juice combinations is a great way to supplement the nutritious qualities of not just fruits, but other vegetables and legumes.

The juicer obviously extracts the liquid portion of any vegetable or fruit. This juice contains most of the vitamins, phytonutrients , and enzymes inherent in the given fruit or veggie. When various fruits and vegetables are combined together for extracting, the possible highly nutritious concoctions are virtually endless.

Juicing Helps Boost the Immune System

Juicing can help to boost the immune system with the right juicing recipes. A good mixture of certain tonics are perfect to fight that cold. For example, a mixture of oranges, guava, and strawberries are not only delicious, but can really boost your immunity. Another great combination that is sure to ramp up your immunity is to combine grapefruit, lemon, fresh ginger root, and garlic.

The Detox Benefits of Juicing

Although there is a debate in many health circles as to the whether our bodies can actually be detoxed, all we can say here at Life Tips is that we believe in detoxing our bodies from every-day toxins. Juicing can help in getting it done. One vegetable that has proven its detoxing abilities is the beet. Beets can be juiced raw and can then be combined with other fruits and vegetables. One highly detoxing concoction is composed of grapefruit, carrots, celery, and spinach. The same recipe can be done with kale instead of spinach and you can also add some fresh ginger. Ginger brings any juice to life indeed.

Juicing Provides an Energy Boost

The most sought-after benefit of juicing is that natural boost of energy in the morning after a glass. The vegetables that provide the most energy are the ones that also provide the most oxygen. These would be most of the green vegetables and herbs. These include kale, spinach, parsley, and wheatgrass. If you choose to add wheatgrass to your juices, you will be adding a huge power boost to your body’s nutrition indeed. You can add wheatgrass in either powdered form or fresh into the juicer. The fresh version is way more nutritious than the powdered one because the plant is alive right before it is juiced.

Could this whole juicing thing be a giant fad?

It is very evident that the health industry is not immune to fads. Fad diets and fad exercise products are introduced quite frequently. So, could this juicing phenomena be a fad?

Interest in the nutritional benefits of raw vegetable juice goes back to 1936 when British immigrant and health aficionado Dr. Norman Walker first published his book, Raw Vegetables Juices. He then designed and created the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. Dr. Walker became a giant pioneer of the raw food and vegetable juicing movement as he published six major books from the late thirties up until the late seventies.   Even his juicer has stood the test of time and is still manufactured and used today.

The raw food movement is still alive today and also has not diminished in popularity. Juicing is a big part of it. In 2010 a documentary was aired that has become very popular. It is called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. In this film, Australian businessman Joe Cross travels through the United States while doing a 61 day juice fast and then talking to folks and asking them questions about how they eat. We highly recommend this film for a lot of information about juicing.

In conclusion……..START JUICING!! You can start to make it a habit to supplement your body with wholesome natural nutrients from vegetables. Just get started. All you need is a juicer and a some recipes.

If you want to do a juice fast, we recommend that you get supervision from a nutritionist. Also, definitely talk to your doctor about a juice fast, especially if you take medication.

And of course, here are some very valuable resources for more juicing information. First, make sure to check out Joe Cross’s website: Here you will be able to download four different juicing reboot plans in pdf format for free. This is a great resource. And don’t forget to also go to the movie’s website at you will also find other recipes.

Another great free resource that offers even more recipes and tips is the Juicing Club. You can find their website at

We’ll leave you with a couple of videos about juicing. In the first video, you will meet the famous Joe Cross himself as he will talk to you about the health benefits of juicing.

This next video from Andrea Cox provides a very simple and healthy anti inflammation juice recipe.