goldenseal flower

Goldenseal is very effective for improving your immune system.

Staying healthy is really like tending your garden. You have to work on it on a daily basis. Aside from taking the correct supplements and staying hydrated, there are many other things you can do to stay in tip top immunity shape. Everyone can sure agree that getting sick is a real nuisance.  It can cost you money and time. And if you can’t take the day off, it really sucks going to work with a cold. That is why staying healthy is and should be a daily top priority.

The article below will offer 10 different tips on how to improve your immune system.

10 Quick Life Hacks to Improve Your Immunity Almost Immediately

Our immune system is essentially our own personal inner-military. A weak military can’t defend itself or attack its enemies very well, rendering it a doomed excuse for protection. When your immune system is weak, your body is left vulnerable to viruses, allergies, and all the other enemies lurking all around you. There are plenty of
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As you can see from the article a positive mental state of mind is also necessary to stay healthy.

We would now like to give you a more detailed step-by-step daily regiment that works for me to stay healthy. These different supplements I take every single day and they really keep me from getting colds.

1) 1000 mg of vitamin C

2) Vitamin B12 for energy.

3) Source Natural’s Wellness Formula

I take two capsules of Source Naturals Wellness Formula daily and the results are awesome. Aside from the complement of vitamins including, C, D, and A, it also contains Zinc Citrate and Selenium in the form of Sodium Selenite. But the real treasure of this great supplement is the list of 21 different proven immune boosting herbs including Echinacea, Garlic Bulb, Goldenseal Root, Mullein Leaf, Astragalus Root, and various others.

4) Elderberry Extract

Just squirt twice into your mouth every morning. Elderberry has been known for centuries to improve immunity.

5) Probiotics

This was listed on the article above and it is also part of my daily ritual. Always take two in the morning on an empty stomach. Probiotics are basically our defense armada of bacteria that protect us against pathogenic, or harmful bacteria bacteria. It aids in our digestion and processing of nutrients.


These are the five nutrients that keep me healthy and full of vigor throughout the day. Other herbs that I will take if I do get sick, are garlic, ginger and Umcka extract. You can find Umcka at the co-op or health store and it really does a great job in shortening a cold. One very useful tip to implement when you feel like you might be coming down with a cold is to basically ingest as much raw garlic as you can stomach in one sitting. Garlic has extremely powerful antibiotic properties and will have a positive impact on your cold if not your breath.

You will still get sick from a cold unfortunately. But the cold does not have to be too severe, and by taking these supplements and herbs, you will be able to minimize the frequency of these events.

Below is a grea workshop by Debra Brammer ND of the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle. It is over an hour long but it is packed with great ideas and tools to promote wellness.. Enjoy!