burpees in down position

The burpee is a very popular workout exercise that has become famous as well as infamous for basically kicking your ass! There are so many HIIT workouts that include the Burpee that we at Life Tips believe it is interval trainings main exercise. The burpee is trully revolutionary in that it provides a myriad of benefits. It develops endurance, strength, explosiveness and above all balance and coordination.

Make sure to do this exercise correctly. There is a great article in MyFitnessPal.Com that will walk you step by step through the burpee move. Enjoy:

Burpees 101: What They Are & Why We Do ‘Em

If you’ve heard of burpees before, there’s a good chance you love to hate ‘em. The six-count bodyweight movement is used across the country in workouts by coaches, fitness fans, and trainers alike as an all-around conditioning exercise that gets the heart rate up. In layman’s terms, a burpee is a squat that moves into […]

So now that you know what they are, why not try them and include them in your workout? Better yet, the following website has a great little challenge workout called the 100 Burpee Challenge. Let’s go people! Time to get motivated.

100 Burpee Challenge Workout

Workout equipment: Workout type: Challenge Timer setting: Stopwatch Complete 100 as fast as possible. Join us for the monthly 100 burpee challenge! Read all about the challenge here. And make sure to post your times below! —————————————————— My time for today’s workout: 6:08! I was pretty happy to have beat my time by about :05 […] The post 100 Burpee Challenge Workout appeared first on 12 Minute Athlete.

And below are two great videos from Christa at 12minuteathlete.Com of two HIIT workouts with burpees included: