If you are a purist, then calisthenics may be the workout for you. But what exactly are calisthenics? Think of calisthenics as one of the simplest and basic forms of working out. The only equipment involved is your body and maybe a pullup bar, dip bar, or a wall.

Purists love calisthenic workouts because they force the practitioner to use their imagination in building strength and flexibility. Most “calisthenicists” consider their discipline more well rounded than say weight lifters.

Basic calisthenic exercises include sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, dips, squats, and crunches, but there are many more. At an advanced level, some calisthenic practitioners can lift their body weight easily above the pullup bar.

Developing strong legs is a big part of calisthenics, and many believe in the importance of strengthening them as well as the core muscles.

Below is an excerpt to a great article on the Collective-Evolution website regarding tips on how to strengthen your leg muscles with simple calisthenics.

“Having strong legs is a big factor in avoiding injury, especially into old age. It also helps with running faster, jumping higher, maintaining balance, and increasing the ease of daily functional activities. Doing leg exercises also helps in healthy weight loss, increasing bone strength, and building muscle.

There are many different ways to work your legs, but today we’re going to focus on the increasingly popul….

via A Real Solid Calisthenics Leg Workout. Strengthen & Tone Your Legs Without Weights

You can find some incredibly advanced practitioners of calisthenics with a simple you tube search. Below are a couple of videos to get you inspired on developing your own calisthenic workout.

Don’t get intimidated by the incredible physical prowess of the people in the videos. You can start at your own pace where you are now. The key is to stay motivated and persistent.

A really good way to stay motivated is to find a calisthenic-passionate group around your area that gets together to workout. A simple search via the search engines should yield good results.